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During the final year of his Business Management degree, Vasco realized that his passion for cooking was stronger than his love for numbers. Cooking was what he really loved to do and stopped everything to pursue his dream. In 2008, Vasco moved from Porto to Lisbon, where he studied at Atelier de Cozinha Michel. At the same time, he worked at “Olivier Avenida” with Chef Olivier. His degree’s internship was at “Tavares Rico” with José Avillez, the first Portuguese Chef that got two Michelin stars. In early 2010, he left for Spain where he joined the team of some of the world’s best restaurants: Mugaritz, Arzak e ElBulli. Learn amongst Chefs like Andoni Aduriz, Arzak e Ferran Adria was an amazing experience that influenced his career. After three years, he returned to Oporto willing to go further and explore what he learned. Then, it appear the opportunity to be part of Pedro Lemos’ team, where he worked for two years. In mid-2013, Vasco went on a trip for a few months to explore new flavors and culinary worlds. He visited several countries in Europe and Asia, where he worked at Viajante (London) and 2am: Dessert Bar (Singapore).


Back to Oporto, he started Euskaldna Studio, specializing in private dinners that aim to bring the best ingredients to the client’s table. Furthermore, he often participated in conferences, culinary meetings, showcookings and workshops. In June 2016, his entrepreneurial vision lead him to join the restaurant business as partner of Baixó Pito. With a groundbreaking culinary concept, all thought by Vasco, the restaurant is Oporto’s first Chicken House, where chicken is reinvented. This ingredient is also the starting point to the menu, full of new techniques and world’s flavors. At the end of 2016, Vasco opened, at the heart of Oporto city, Euskalduna Studio to continue the culinary experimentation, the search for his gastronomic identity and the constant pursuit of flavors’ eclecticism.


Some of the developed dishes


Yesterday, today and tomorrow

Oporto’s first chicken house

Chicken House is a new culinary concept at Rua da Picaria, launched at July 2015. The chicken is the starting point for our menu, full of new techniques and flavors of the world. At BaixóPito, the chicken is reinvented at a cozy and pioneer space at the center of Oporto.

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Euskalduna - Private cooking
Chef in your home

Started in 2014, the project Euskalduna – private cooking bring the Chef and the best ingredients to your table. For more information or for booking a private dinner: vasco@vascocoelhosantos.pt.

author's cuisine studio

Euskalduna Studio is the place where Vasco Coelho Santos and his team experiment new dishes, concepts and combinations. As a guest, you will find yourself in the middle of the creation process. The studio seats up to 16 guests in two different arrangements: a private area, that seats eight clients and the kitchen area where you can see the team cooking.

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